About Us

We'll deliver your hopes, your dreams and your horse, safely. At Teal River Transport we know your animals are too important to trust to just anybody. You need someone who cares and will put their welfare first.



Teal River Transport is a  small dedicated company providing safe and reliable horse transport.

Your horses' comfort and safety are our top priority, so you can be assured  that all of our vehicles are impeccably maintained, with monthly checkups and annual CVI  inspections.

Live video monitoring in the trailer so we can watch your horses  during transport.

Horses are off the trailer every night at safe layover barns.

Automatic water bowls in each stall so your horse has access to clean fresh water continually throughout the journey.

Full length, to the floor dividers for added safety.

Trailer  is fully insulated , with  roof vents on each stall.

The walls and floors are covered with rubber to prevent injuries.

Satellite navigation and  cell communication during transport.

 Commercially licensed and insured. 

US  DOT - MC #

Canada NSC#

Live Video Feed - Automatic Water Bowls


Off Trailer Layovers